ART Kögl  

"competitions and awards"

To participate in competitions, helps train my artistic flexibility. Winning an award encourages my self-esteem and provides me with an energy boost for productivity in my studio and participation in more competitions.

"K.Kögl is a very emotional and expressive artist. I love her paintings! I feel depth, vitality, color intensity and balance in her work. I own four paintings by her in my apartment and always discover new interpretations and impressions. As the names of her paintings suggest, lies a lot of discovery in their depiction. A very strong artist!" W.P.

Donaukultur Magazin

Art-Competition "My City"

Wettbewerb "Meine Stadt" - 1.Platz

BOESNER_100 Artists_100 Artworks

Fomenar 2016

Ausstellung SVS 2013

Art project Zurich_The Tiger

Austrias greatest streetgallery

Art Project Zurich_Black Pather

These painting or collages are full of the kind of depth that keeps me captivated time and again. Her works use color and texture in a way I’ve never seen before. These works have their own majestic voice that keeps me coming back for more.


I am the proud owner of two Karoline Kögl's ART artworks and will certainly buy more. I like the kind of art Karoline designs and creates. Really beautiful and unique are her artworks.


Karo Kögl ist eine sehr gefühlsbetonte, ausdrucksstarke Künstlerin. Ich liebe ihre Bilder!
Ich empfinde bei Ihren Bildern Tiefe, Lebensfreude, Farbintensität und Ausgewogenheit. Ich habe vier Bilder von ihr in meiner Wohnung
hängen und komme immer wieder auf neue Eindrücke und Interpretationen. Wie ihre Bildnamen auch andeuten, liegt sehr viel Entdeckung in der Darstellung. Eine sehr starke Künstlerin! Herzlichen Glückwunsch


I like these pictures very much, because I think they stylishly combine reality with a "fantasy world" and for people both worlds are important.


Karoline is a wonderful person with heart and character and an artist through and through.

Her creative passion manifests itself in her images... for eternity.

Also for me as a photographer, a teamwork with Karo is always a creative firework. She is always in a good mood, spontaneous, REAL, natural and professional at the same time... SO ART IS FUN.


"K. Kögl's artwork creates room in a special way for the free interpretation of the viewer without losing artistic character or the individual imprint of the artist. She combines her own creativity with that of the viewer, whereby each artwork unites two passions or fantasy. And it's this playful freedom that works for me." M.F.


For me, Karoline's works are in a certain way multidimensional. If you look at them for a longer time, different perspectives open up from which you can choose. Do you now look out on the distant, great horizon, up into the vastness of the universe, or down into the depths of the world (or the soul)? And much more! One can choose.


A visit of the art studio and a presentation of the works of art are possible at any time. Contact me by email.