Printing plates with extravagant motifs were changed for experimental motivated reasons. The motifs are printed and reproduced after every printing plate-processing.


Unique Artprints:

No reproduction possible!

◊ Unique Prints, numbered & signed

◊ Subtle Motifs

◊ Stylish Interior Design

◊ Subtle Color Arrangements


Print - Production - Development - Experiment

Work hours in the studio are utilized to create new motifs, to produce, to print and put it into a new series at the end. The remaining prints are used for the composition of my collages.

"Art is a part of my life and I don't want to be without it. My goal is to create communication that makes an impact and leads to exchange. Communication is definitely the key to our world and painting the medium for the illustration of uncommunicable emotions, ideas and impressions."

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You can choose one of the artworks as a print-motif !

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A visit of the art studio and a presentation of the works of art are possible at any time. Contact me by email.