"Art sums up the quality of communication" R.H.


Artwork made from your own imagination!

◊ Heartfelt Content

◊ Diverse Motif

◊ Stylish Interior Design

◊ Vivid or Subtle Color Arrangements


◊ Fullest Conviction

◊ True Passion

◊ Sparkish Enthusiasm

◊ Devoted Spirit

◊ Artistic Enrichment

◊ Diverse Challenges


◊ Dedication

◊ Commitment

◊ Love

◊ Charme

◊ Magic

◊ Aesthetics

“There are painters who turn the sun into a yellow spot. But there are others due to their art and intelligence, who can turn a yellow spot into a sun."

Pablo Picasso

Art Kögl T-Shirts are now available !
You can choose one of the artworks as a print-motif !

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A visit of the art studio and a presentation of the works of art are possible at any time. Contact me by email.